Walking Rainbow Water Experiment With The Kids

Dated: 04/05/2020

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Teach the kids a little about absorption with this handy little experiment!

What You Need:

- paper towels

- three colors of food coloring

- three small paper cups

- one larger cup

- water

- eyedropper or some kind of tool to drop food coloring into water

How To:

First start by filling each of the three small paper cups about 1/3 with water and the larger cup about halfway with water. Open one color of food coloring and drop 5-10 drops into one of the small paper cups. Use the larger cup of water to rinse out the eyedropper before using it for another color. Repeat with the other two colors and two cups. You should now have three paper cups with three different colors inside.

Now take one sheet of paper towel and roll it vertically into a tube (or so it looks like a rope). Put one end of the tube in one of the cups and the other end in another color. Repeat this step and place the end in one of the colors you are already using and the other in the remaining color.

Now watch as the colors slowly seep into the paper towel tubes to meet in the middle!

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